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University of Pavia is renowned for its contributions to design, architecture, engineering, innovation, and technology, with a network of notable alumni shaping the future. Discover prominent alumni of University of Pavia and its 2024 rankings.

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Current Rankings

The World University Rankings' Current Rankings system spotlights the most innovative and influential alumni from the esteemed University of Pavia. By employing a dynamic methodology that gives greater weight to recent achievements, the Current Rankings provide a pulse on contemporary innovation and thought leadership. This list celebrates University of Pavia's most impactful alumni who are actively shaping the future of art, design, technology, and innovation. These distinguished alumni, through their cutting-edge work and recent accolades, exemplify University of Pavia's ongoing commitment to cultivating leaders who push boundaries and drive change. Their accomplishments, weighted by recency, contribute significantly to the university's strong showing in the Current Rankings, underlining its position as a hub for groundbreaking ideas and transformative contributions.

University of Pavia Current Rankings

Rank Alumni Profile Score
1 Eleonora Federici 326808 656

Heritage Rankings

The Heritage Rankings celebrate the distinguished alumni and faculty members who have contributed to University of Pavia's long-standing tradition of excellence in art, design, technology, and innovation. These prominent individuals have been recognized by the A' Design Award and Competition for their outstanding achievements, securing the most prestigious awards and thereby elevating the University of Pavia's standing in the global design community. Their success is a testament to the University of Pavia's commitment to nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and providing an environment where creativity thrives. The World University Rankings is proud to highlight these exceptional individuals and their alma mater's role in shaping their path to success, underlining the institution's enduring impact and leadership in these fields.

University of Pavia Heritage Rankings

Rank Alumni P G S B I
1 Eleonora Federici 0 0 0 0 2

Università degli studi di Pavia

University of Pavia

The University of Pavia, known in Italian as Università degli Studi di Pavia, is a venerable institution located in the small yet historically rich city of Pavia, Italy. Founded in 1361, it is one of the oldest universities in the world and has a long-standing tradition of excellence in education and research. The university's foundation is deeply rooted in the medieval history of Italy, and over the centuries, it has evolved into a modern, comprehensive institution that offers a wide range of disciplines across its faculties. The University of Pavia is renowned for its comprehensive academic structure, which is organized into several faculties, each dedicated to specific areas of study and research. The Faculty of Economics at the University of Pavia offers programs in Business Administration, Economics, and Management, catering to students interested in pursuing careers in the business sector, economic analysis, and management roles in various industries. The faculty is known for its rigorous curriculum and strong emphasis on both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, preparing students for the challenges of the global economy. In the realm of engineering, the Faculty of Engineering is distinguished by its broad spectrum of programs, including Architecture, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering, General Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. This faculty is committed to fostering innovation and excellence in engineering education, research, and practice, with state-of-the-art laboratories and research facilities that enable students and faculty members to work on cutting-edge projects. The Faculty of Humanities and Philosophy offers a rich array of programs in Arts and Humanities, Literature, Modern Languages, Philosophy, and Psychology. This faculty is dedicated to the study and exploration of human culture, thought, and creativity, providing students with a deep understanding of the complexities of human society, culture, and the mind. The Faculty of Law is singularly focused on the discipline of Law, offering comprehensive legal education that covers various aspects of national, European, and international law. The faculty is renowned for its rigorous academic standards, distinguished faculty, and commitment to fostering a deep understanding of legal principles and practices. The Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Natural Sciences encompasses a wide range of scientific disciplines, including Environmental Studies, Geology, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Physics. This faculty is dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge and understanding through rigorous academic programs, cutting-edge research, and a strong emphasis on experimental and theoretical work. The Faculty of Medicine and Surgery is one of the most prestigious medical faculties in Italy, offering programs in Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, and Surgery. The faculty is known for its excellence in medical education, research, and clinical practice, with state-of-the-art facilities and a strong commitment to improving human health. The Faculty of Musicology offers specialized programs in Music, Music Theory and Composition, and Musicology, catering to students with a passion for music and a desire to explore its historical, theoretical, and compositional aspects. This faculty is known for its vibrant musical community and contributions to the field of musicology. The Faculty of Pharmacy provides comprehensive education and training in the field of Pharmacy, preparing students for careers in pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacology, and healthcare. The faculty is committed to advancing pharmaceutical knowledge and practice through research, education, and community engagement. Lastly, the Faculty of Political Science offers programs in Political Sciences and Social Sciences, focusing on the study of political systems, governance, public policy, and social issues. This faculty is dedicated to fostering a deep understanding of the complexities of political and social phenomena, preparing students for careers in public service, politics, and academia. Throughout its long history, the University of Pavia has maintained a reputation for academic excellence, contributing significantly to the advancement of knowledge and the development of society. With its diverse range of faculties and programs, the university continues to attract students from Italy and around the world, offering a rich academic and cultural experience in the heart of one of Italy's most historic cities.

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